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heimdal on tru64 unix peculiarities


I finally implemented heimdal on our tru64 boxes .... snapshots from half
of this March helped a lot. But, ....

1. using heimdal as OSF SIA modules produces ticket files which are never
removed from the temp directory after the user is successfully logged in -
what is the workaround for this except rm-ing thousands of files every
hour ?

2. heimdal seems to be much slower than kth-krb ver. 4. Does anyone have
any experience with tuning heimdal ? For example for kinit, truss shows
the delay i scaused by about 64 subsequently trapped signals of value 14.
Could it be related to random generator, which is not present as
special device on the tru64 unix and is searched before and after this
signal burst ? I didn't found the way to use prngd/egd with heimdal (I
need to use internal heimdal routines DES instead of openssl for
compatibility problems).

3. There are some strange issues with dns - imagine I have a machine named
A with aliases B, C, D. For some reason, the gssapi works fine with
shortnames of A and B, but only with fqdn of C and with no form of D. In
DNS, all the aliases are made the same way as short cnames. Through kadmin
I can see the entry for host/fqdnA and for no aliases. In keytab on target
machine is the same. What else might cause this behavior ?

Thanks in advance for hints.