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Re: 0.61: Where are arcfour.c/arcfour.h ?


i see johan generated a new diff.

Just one question :
Wouldn't it be more secure to generate
a PGP-SIGNATURE for the diffs too ?

greets Harry

PS.: I just wanna thank the heimdal team for
      their great work on a free Kerberos ....

Love schrieb:
> Harry Rüter <harry_rueter@gmx.de> writes:
>>Hi list, hi Love,
>>i used the diff "heimdal-0.6-0.6.1.diff.gz",
>>the patch was succesfull ...
>>Maybe the patch isn't complete ...
> I would guess so. Maybe johan forgot -N to when he generated the diff. I'm
> sure he'll generate a new diff.
> Love