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Re: heimdal on tru64 unix peculiarities

> When I tried a long time ago, I couldn't get the Heimdal SIA module to
> work.  I've been using the one at
> http://www.cit.uws.edu.au/~luke/software/sia_kerberosv5/, built
> against MIT.  I never got round to trying to make it work with
> Heimdal.  I can't get both Kerberos and LDAP working properly under
> SIA, though.

Thank you for the sugeestions. I prefer not extending the tree of
applications for the core auth mechanisms on my systems, but will see,
probably I should .... please can you confirm the module you are using
removes ticket files after authentication ?

> > 2. heimdal seems to be much slower than kth-krb ver. 4. Does anyone have
> > any experience with tuning heimdal ?
> Heimdal kinit is effectively instant for me on T64 5.1B, and I don't
> remember obvious slowness on earlier T64 versions.

So probably my machine has other problems which have this side-effect ....
(ev68 with 2GB of RAM).

> > For example for kinit, truss shows
> > the delay i scaused by about 64 subsequently trapped signals of value 14.
> > Could it be related to random generator, which is not present as
> > special device on the tru64 unix and is searched before and after this
> > signal burst ?
> For what it's worth, 5.1B has /dev/random and /dev/urandom.

Thanks for this - it seems upgrading my machines ti 5.1B would solve many
problems ....