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Login prompt when starting services after FreeBSD port install

I have FreeBSD 5.2.1 and installed the Heimdal-0.6 port package. Ever since, a
lot of the services are prompting for the Kerberos password when
restarting using startup scripts that use non-privileged users, like
amavisd-new and others. However, imapd for example, does not prompt, I
guess it does not login as a non-privileged user. I just hit Ctrl-C to
skip and then it bypasses the prompt and starts fine. How do I disable
this? Can it be disabled for certain users? Or how should I handle this?
These non-priv users do not have Heimdal accounts.

esmtp# ./amavisd.sh restart
Stopping amavisd.
vscan@WEBTENT.NET's Password:
Waiting for PIDS: 57259.
Starting amavisd.
vscan@WEBTENT.NET's Password:

I asked this once before and someone suggested looking in the pam config files, but I can't find any references to kerberos in those files. I also posted this to the FreeBSD list, no response since yesterday.