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Re: Login prompt when starting services after FreeBSD port install

Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I have FreeBSD 5.2.1 and installed the Heimdal-0.6 port package. Ever since, a
> lot of the services are prompting for the Kerberos password when
> restarting using startup scripts that use non-privileged users, like
> amavisd-new and others. However, imapd for example, does not prompt, I
> guess it does not login as a non-privileged user. I just hit Ctrl-C to
> skip and then it bypasses the prompt and starts fine. How do I disable
> this? Can it be disabled for certain users? Or how should I handle this?
> These non-priv users do not have Heimdal accounts.
> esmtp# ./amavisd.sh restart
> Stopping amavisd.
> vscan@WEBTENT.NET's Password:
> Waiting for PIDS: 57259.
> Starting amavisd.
> vscan@WEBTENT.NET's Password:
> esmtp#
> I asked this once before and someone suggested looking in the pam config files,
> but I can't find any references to kerberos in those files. I also posted this
> to the FreeBSD list, no response since yesterday.

Check which 'su' command the scripts are using! Probably they are trying
to use an kerberized su and that one will try to get tickets for the new
user. You probably want to use the original /usr/bin/su.


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