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Re: OpenLDAP / SASL / Heimdal

Andreas Haupt <andreas.haupt@hmi.de> writes:

>> If you don't know how to do this, I can send you the options you should
>> build heimdal with and the commands in gdb.
> Well, as I wrote in another posting it is related to a SuSE security 
> update. I did not compile heimdal on my own. But if you want I can fetch 
> the new source rpm an recompile it.
>> Can you try to build heimdal-0.6.2 yourself and see if you still have
>> the problem ?
> I have a SuSE 9.1 box here with version 0.6.1rc3 installed (also SuSE 
> package). Would it help you?
> I actually don't want to compile it on my own here, because I want to take 
> advantage of SuSE's security updates. But if they end in this way, I'm 
> not so convinced of it any more...

I'm interested in finding the problem, and I think there is a suse problem
since I've only seen it from peole running suse.

If you recompile the rpm with debug symbols and find the data I asked for
before, we can figure out if this is a suse or heimdal bug. And if its a
suse bug, we give them a patch to make sure it works.


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