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user mapping error on Win2k

Have a nice day,

I am a newbie with Heimdal, so please do not trash on me. I have spent a lot 
of time looking up archives and manuals but I was unable to resolve the 
problem, that's why I am here ...

We have a network having both Win2K and Linux workstations. I managed to set 
up Heimdal KDC, and it works well with Linux boxes, but afrer following the 
instructions in Heimdal "Windows 2000 compatibility" section it seems, that 
KDC resolves the user and password provided by Win box, but then an error 
message appears saying: "No mapping between Account Names and Security IDs 
done", thus permitting login to the box. (I have no clue what to do or set, 
since I issued ksetup /mapuser * * previously ...)

Did anyone face this problem before? An ideas?

Thank You for your help,

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