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Re: Is there krb5_set password in Heimdal ?

I would prefer to set a password remotely as I can do with the krb5_set_password functions in MIT. I want to use it in a client tool from another system then the kdc itself

Andrew Bacchi <bacchi@rpi.edu> wrote:
If you're running the kpasswd daemon, /usr/heimdal/libexec/kpasswdd, on
the KDC, the user can change his/her own passwd with

Otherwise if you want to do the work for the user, on the KDC use
/usr/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -l cpw --password=password username

On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 14:16, Markus Moeller wrote:
> I am looking for a function to set a password of a user remotely. In MIT Kerberos I can use krb5_set_password which allows setting a users password when used with the admin credentials.
> Is there a similar call in the Heimdal libraries ?
> Thanks
> Markus
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