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Re: MIT-Heimdal interop issues

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Coffman <kwc@citi.umich.edu> writes:

    Kevin> Ignore me.  I wasn't restarting my client between changes
    Kevin> of krb5.conf.  After restarting the client, it seems to be
    Kevin> honoring the config file options and negotiating a
    Kevin> des-cbc-crc service ticket.

It's really kind of unfortunate that your kernel module does not
support des-cbc-md4.  Asking people to change their krb5.confs is
unacceptable from an administration stand point, because they won't
remember to remove the changes when their site starts supporting 3des
or aes.

Unfortunately your module seems to be the only thing that doesn't
support des-cbc-md4.