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Re: MIT-Heimdal interop issues

Ignore me.  I wasn't restarting my client between changes of krb5.conf. 
 After restarting the client, it seems to be honoring the config file 
options and negotiating a des-cbc-crc service ticket.

[kwc@rock gssapi]$ /usr/heimdal/bin/klist -v
Credentials cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_20010_Y8C6kf
        Principal: kwc@CITI.UMICH.EDU
    Cache version: 4

Ticket etype: des3-cbc-sha1, kvno 56
Session key: des
Auth time:  Jul 23 15:02:05 2004
End time:   Jul 27 19:02:05 2004
Renew till: Jul 30 15:02:05 2004
Ticket flags: renewable, initial
Addresses: IPv4:

Server: nfs/screamer.citi.umich.edu@CITI.UMICH.EDU
Ticket etype: des-cbc-crc, kvno 4
Auth time:  Jul 23 15:02:05 2004
Start time: Jul 23 15:02:25 2004
End time:   Jul 27 19:02:05 2004
Ticket flags: transited-policy-checked
Addresses: IPv4: