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Slave KDC

Perhaps this was discussed somewhen in the past but there do not seem to
be any archives for this list.

I'm trying to set up a new installation. The master KDC seems to be
working OK (i.e. it issues tickets and the relevant daemons are running)
but I cannot get a slave working using the instructions in either Jason
Garman's book or on the web site.

I have created a host entry for the slave. I have not set up krb5.conf
or krb.conf as the instructions imply one should not on the slave.

ktutil fails.  When using the method in the book "ktutil get
host/<hostname>" it coredumps, when using the method on the wweb site
"ktutil get -p <user>/admin host/<hostname>" it objects to the absence
of the database.

The SRV records are in the local DNS and retrievable, IPv6 is in use,
master is OpenBSD 3.4, slave OpenBSD 3.3, nothing obvious in the kdc

Some clues please.