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Re: Can't init ldap db

You will never get anywhere with this using the RedHat LDAP RPMs. 
Download the current OpenLDAP source (2.2.15) from www.openldap.org and 
build it yourself if you want something that actually works. RedHat's 
bundle is something like 3 years out of date and too buggy to be used.

If you want *supported*, current pre-built RPMs, you can get them from 
us (Symas) at www.symas.com. (Unfortunately, we haven't updated our 
Heimdal RPMs to the current release yet, but we do offer an older build 
that already works with OpenLDAP.)

Andrew Bacchi wrote:

> I'm trying to configure Heimdal and Openldap for auth services.  I have
> been following Jose Gómez HowTo,
> http://www.opentechnet.com/auth-howto/index.html
> Versions:
> RedHat AS 3.0
> I'm using RH standard ldap RPMs.
> openldap-servers-2.0.27-11, etc
> I built my own Heimdal RPMs.
> heimdal-server-0.6.2, etc
> I'm getting this error when trying to init the Heimdal realm.
> kadmin> init RPI.EDU
> kadmin: hdb_open: ldap_sasl_bind_s: Authentication method not supported
> slapd.conf contains the following.
> # SASL configuration
> sasl-host   someserver.rpi.edu
> sasl-realm  RPI.EDU
> The sasl-regexp is ignored at startup, I imagine it isn't supported in
> this version.
> sasl-regexp
>     uid=(.*),cn=rpi.edu,cn=.*,cn=auth
>     ldap:///ou=kerberos,dc=rpi,dc=edu??sub?(uid=$1)
> Also, I can't seem to connect to ldap with a browser on port 636,
> although I can connect on port 389.
> I'm missing something in my config. Any thoughts?  TIA.

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