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Re: Can't init ldap db

    I definitely would try with a more recent version of OpenLDAP before 
anything else.

    Best regards

Andrew Bacchi wrote:

>I'm trying to configure Heimdal and Openldap for auth services.  I have
>been following Jose Gómez HowTo,
>RedHat AS 3.0
>I'm using RH standard ldap RPMs.
>openldap-servers-2.0.27-11, etc
>I built my own Heimdal RPMs.
>heimdal-server-0.6.2, etc
>I'm getting this error when trying to init the Heimdal realm.
>kadmin> init RPI.EDU
>kadmin: hdb_open: ldap_sasl_bind_s: Authentication method not supported
>slapd.conf contains the following.
># SASL configuration
>sasl-host   someserver.rpi.edu
>sasl-realm  RPI.EDU
>The sasl-regexp is ignored at startup, I imagine it isn't supported in
>this version.
>    uid=(.*),cn=rpi.edu,cn=.*,cn=auth
>    ldap:///ou=kerberos,dc=rpi,dc=edu??sub?(uid=$1)
>Also, I can't seem to connect to ldap with a browser on port 636,
>although I can connect on port 389.
>I'm missing something in my config. Any thoughts?  TIA.