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Several databases in one KDC?

    Hi there,

    Does heimdal offer support for having several databases under just 
one KDC? I mean the following: I have realms REALMA, REALMB and REALMC, 
and I want a single KDC to offer Kerberos services for these three 
realms. But I would like to have them appart from each other, so maybe I 
have REALMA in LDAP, and REALMB and REALMC in two separate databases. Is 
this possible?

    I've tried with the following in /etc/krb5.conf with no success:

    database = {
       realm = REALMA
       dbname = ldap:ou=kerberos,dc=realma
    database = {
       realm = REALMB
       dbname = /var/heimdal/realmb
    database = {
       realm = REALMC
       dbname = /var/heimdal/realmc

    Best regards