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Re: Several databases in one KDC?

Johan Danielsson wrote:
=?UTF-8?B?Sm9zw6kgR29uesOhbGV6IEfDs21leg==?= <jgonzalez@opentechnet.com> writes:
    *This* was my name? My god, I think I'll have to take accents out :o)
Does heimdal offer support for having several databases under just
one KDC?

The support is there, but its use is somewhat hindered by obscurity,
and currently also by a bug in the config file parser.

The trick with initialising the database is to specify the realm to

        kadmin -r FOO -l init FOO

but it still only works for the first realm, because of the mentioned
bug. I'll see if I can do something about this.
    I forgot to say that I tried this (the kadmin command with the corresponding realm) and the behavior was consistent with the bug you comment: it only worked for the first database definition. If you could send me a patch for this (over 0.6.2) I would be the happiest man in the world :o)

    Thanks a lot, best regards