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Re: Problem in output to a kinit process

> > open (WTR, "| kinit Administrator\@IN.CAL 2> error.txt");
> > print WTR "password\n";
> > print WTR "\n";
> > close WTR;
> > ======
> >
> > I am encountering problem, where the kinit process waits for user
> > input, however the requirement is that it should not wait as I am
> > writing the password to STDIN of the process.
> You have to take Perl Expect as kinit is reading the password directly 
> from the tty.

Which was designed that way to make it more difficult to use kinit in
a way which exposes the password. You might want to solve your problem
differently (not with kinit). If you describe here what you want
to do, someone might have a solution that fits better.