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Re: Kerberos v4

I ttried to compile heimdal with native support for AFS, that is acting as
an AFS kaserver.
And I discovered that It needed to be compiled with kth-krb libraries. I
had to spend a few hours patching the debian port of krb-kth to compile on
Linux (Mandrake 10.0).

So, will it ever be possible that compiling heimdal with AFS support will
not need the krb4 libraries? Or will AFS drop it's use of krb4 soon?

Clement Onime

>> I would be interested in adding support for kerberos v4 to ethereal
>> sometime in the future.
> Why?
>> Do any of you know whether v4 is used at all any more?
> It should not, but it sure is used. I can tell from the amount of
> repeatedly saying "go away and use v5" when I'm asked why this and
> that of kth-krb (v4) does not compile/work/whatever on recent OS
> releases.
> V4 is like the VW beetle, a great vehicle in its time and worth
> keeping around some instances for historic reasons but not the
> transport of choice in today's hostile environment due to serious
> security concerns.
> Harald.