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resource temporarily unavailable?

hello list,

Ive got heimdal-0.6 installed with db 4.2.52.. and Im seeing this
message in my krb5libs.log

2004-11-01T13:30:03 opening database: dbm_open(/var/heimdal/heimdal):
Resource temporarily unavailable

Im also using sasl 2.1.19, and openldap 2.2.17.  some people bind to the
ldap tree, and some folks kinit, just depending on the application or

This message does appear frequently.  I have noticed that everything
seems ok, even when the message appears, but  sometimes, Ill get a user
complaining about not being able to authenticate.  When I look into the
problem, I usually see this message.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Higgins
IT R&D Project Manager
Kennesaw State University