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Re: multi-mechanism gssapi


Does opening the library with RTLD_LOCAL help?

What about linking Heimdal's library with an exports/map file?

We really need mechglue...

-- Luke

>This isn't exactly a heimdal question, but has heimdal implications.
>We have a shared gssapi "glue" library which allows an application to 
>use multiple gssapi mechanisms.  The functions in this glue library 
>must be named "gss_*".  It dynamically loads mechanism libraries and 
>resolves function pointers.  However, the functions in the heimdal 
>gssapi library have the same "gss_*" names.  I run into problems with 
>dynamic linking/loading the heimdal library because when a function 
>within the heimdal library tries to call a gss_ function, if that 
>function has already been resolved to the glue's version then the 
>heimdal function calls the glue version instead of its own.
>Does anyone know of a way to properly get around this w/o changes to 
>the current heimdal library?  If not, is there any chance of adding a 
>prefix to the heimdal gssapi function names and wrappers for when it is 
>used stand-alone?  (This is how the MIT library is built.)