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replication question

I was using hprop to do replication, but it was starting to take a
really long time, and users were complaining about "Resource Temporarily
Unavailable" messages when they attempted to authenticate, change
passwords, or other...

I have 6 kdc servers in the same realm that I replicate to.. only 3 are
production, and 3 are spare/reserve systems..  The major reason for
having so many, is because of remote campus service, and
bandwidth/connectivity issue that plague my network.  3 campuses with 2
servers each. 1 production and 1 backup.

ok.. so Im looking at using ipropd-master + ipropd-slave.. 

the master process seems to run very well, but the slave processes
appear to die.. at random intervals..

does anyone have any tips, tricks  or suggestions to help me out?.. 

I have all the service keytabs in place and the master slave
replication with ipropd appears to work well, when they are running.


Jonathan Higgins
IT R&D Project Manager
Kennesaw State University