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Re: replication question

"Jonathan Higgins" <jhiggins@kennesaw.edu> writes:

> I was using hprop to do replication, but it was starting to take a
> really long time, and users were complaining about "Resource Temporarily
> Unavailable" messages when they attempted to authenticate, change
> passwords, or other...
> I have 6 kdc servers in the same realm that I replicate to.. only 3 are
> production, and 3 are spare/reserve systems..  The major reason for
> having so many, is because of remote campus service, and
> bandwidth/connectivity issue that plague my network.  3 campuses with 2
> servers each. 1 production and 1 backup.
> ok.. so Im looking at using ipropd-master + ipropd-slave.. 
> the master process seems to run very well, but the slave processes
> appear to die.. at random intervals..
> does anyone have any tips, tricks  or suggestions to help me out?.. 
> I have all the service keytabs in place and the master slave
> replication with ipropd appears to work well, when they are running.

I'm planing on verifing the correctness of the iprop code before the 0.7
release, I've don't remember the problems that I've fixed in the 0.6
codebase. I think one of the problems is that the client is very trigger
happy to use krb5_err to report error (and this exits)

It should log stuff to syslog (you can change that in krb5.conf, see
destination control in manpage for krb5_openlog. Ipropd-slave uses
ipropd-slave as the program argument.

If you can get any more information about your problem, please report it so
I make iprop more useful.


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