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Re: Patch to enable account expiration

"James F.  Hranicky" <jfh@cise.ufl.edu> writes:

> This patch enables account expiration with a samba-ldap backend. 

Your patch looks right and I'll apply it when I've tested it.

> Is anyone interested in getting lockouts, last successful/unsuccessful
> logins, last password change, and perhaps other features enabled with the
> LDAP backend? If so, I could start seeing what I could do. I noticed that
> the code for last password change was commented out, but I start by
> adding that back. I assume it would require a new field in struct
> hdb_entry, though.

Sure, if you write code for it I'll include it. Adding new structs to
hdb_entry is currently stalled, we know how we want to do it, but have so
far not written the code for it.


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