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Re: Patch to enable account expiration

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 19:42:44 +0100
Love <lha@stacken.kth.se> wrote:

> > Is anyone interested in getting lockouts, last successful/unsuccessful
> > logins, last password change, and perhaps other features enabled with the
> > LDAP backend? If so, I could start seeing what I could do. I noticed that
> > the code for last password change was commented out, but I start by
> > adding that back. I assume it would require a new field in struct
> > hdb_entry, though.
> Sure, if you write code for it I'll include it. 

How hard is it to deal with lockouts when using multiple slave servers? Is there
an easy way to sync up that information amongst all the servers?

> Adding new structs to
> hdb_entry is currently stalled, we know how we want to do it, but have so
> far not written the code for it.

Is there anything I shouldn't do?