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Re: Protocols of heimdal servers


    Here are some sites that may help you in your quest for kerberos/java integration.


These are more general kerberos admin stuff as opposed to heimdal specific. What I would recommend you do, is look at using the kadm library (found in the lib/kadm5 directory) with java. This link http://www.sun.com/software/security/kerberos/

mentions administration via java....

Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism

SEAM software provides an implementation of the Kerberos v5 protocols for the Solaris Operating Environment with some additional capabilities. In addition to the Kerberos base functionality and interoperability, SEAM software simplifies administration with

a Java technology-based tool which provides a graphical user interface and batch mode capabilities to handle large numbers of users.

 Reliablity is increased with the addition of hot-standby capabilities for the KDC. Should the master KDC fail, a replicated KDC can take over and prevent interruptions in service. Multiple realm support is also supported so that SEAM can provide cross-organizational access for users. SEAM provides privacy and strong authentication for Solaris NFS services and the standard user interactive network services (telnet, FTP, rsh, rlogin, and rcp).

Also Introduction to JAAS and Java GSS-API Tutorials: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/security/jgss/tutorials/

seems to be good.

Hope this helps.


Jose Gonzalez Gomez wrote:
Hi there,

I'm interested in accessing the administration servers (kadmind,
kpasswdd?) using Java to build a graphical administration tool (either
standalone or J2EE based) so I can create, delete and modify
principals, change their passwords... Is there any documentation about
the protocols I should use to achieve this? Can you give me any

Thanks in advance,

Charles N Wyble
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