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Re: Protocols of heimdal servers

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 16:03:33 -0800, Charles N Wyble
<charles@thewybles.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>     Here are some sites that may help you in your quest for kerberos/java
> integration. 
> http://www.stonesoup.org/javak.html
> http://www.wedgetail.com/jcsi/examples/JCSI-Kerberos-JAAS-Example.html
> http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/security/jgss/single-signon.html
> These are more general kerberos admin stuff as opposed to heimdal specific.
> What I would recommend you do, is look at using the kadm library (found in
> the lib/kadm5 directory) with java. This link
> http://www.sun.com/software/security/kerberos/
> mentions administration via java....
> Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism
> SEAM software provides an implementation of the Kerberos v5 protocols for
> the Solaris Operating Environment with some additional capabilities. In
> addition to the Kerberos base functionality and interoperability, SEAM
> software simplifies administration with 
> /*
> a Java technology-based tool which provides a graphical user interface and
> batch mode capabilities to handle large numbers of users.
> */

It is really interesting to see what people pay for as value added capabilities.

>  Reliablity is increased with the addition of hot-standby capabilities for
> the KDC. Should the master KDC fail, a replicated KDC can take over and
> prevent interruptions in service. Multiple realm support is also supported
> so that SEAM can provide cross-organizational access for users. SEAM
> provides privacy and strong authentication for Solaris NFS services and the
> standard user interactive network services (telnet, FTP, rsh, rlogin, and
> rcp).
> Also Introduction to JAAS and Java GSS-API Tutorials:
> http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/security/jgss/tutorials/ 
> seems to be good.
> Hope this helps.
> Charles
> Jose Gonzalez Gomez wrote: 
> Hi there,

I'm interested in accessing the administration servers
> (kadmind,
kpasswdd?) using Java to build a graphical administration tool
> (either
standalone or J2EE based) so I can create, delete and
> modify
principals, change their passwords... Is there any documentation
> about
the protocols I should use to achieve this? Can you give me
> any

Thanks in advance,
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