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hpropd looping

Has anyone managed to get hpropd actually working with inetd?  When
I start out

     hpropd -i

and run hprop on the master machine, the database gets transferred,
but if I have an hprop entry in /etc/inetd.conf

     krb_prop   stream  tcp     wait    root    /usr/sbin/hpropd

the database does not get transferred, and this appears in the syslog
on the slave:

     Jan 25 15:05:15 inetd[865]: /usr/sbin/hpropd: exit signal 0xd
     Jan 25 15:05:16 last message repeated 38 times
     Jan 25 15:05:16 inetd[865]: krb_prop/tcp server failing (looping),
           service terminated

signal 13 (0xd) is SIGPIPE, which suggests that either input or output
is trying to be read/written from a pipe unsuccessfully.  I do notice
that when I run hpropd manually, it produces the message

     hpropd: socket af = 10: Address family not supported by protocol

but the problem persists even if I redirect stdout and stderr in
the inetd.conf file.

I should also mention that I was puzzled that, when I change the
database on the master and run hprop successfully, the slave database
changes too, but the md5sums of the two databases differ.

I am running kdc and hprop and hpropd on Debian sarge; the version is
0.6.3-6 and the architecture is i386.

     -- Owen