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Re: Deleting only some salt types

"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

> The application is a cross-realm trust with Windows AD, and I don't
> know that this is the problem, but. . .
> Is there a way to delete specific salts within an encryption type?  I
> did a normal add for the krbtgt's with a password I can then type into
> Windows.  Then deleted all the encryption types except des-cbc-md5,
> and  changed the kvno back to 1.

No, there is no way to delete a specific salt + enctype, just enctype.

I usully change the [kdc]\ndefault_keys= line on the kdc when doing stuff
like this. 

> I still have two keys though, one with the normal pw-salt(), and
> another with an afs3 salt which I'm sure Windows hasn't a clue about.
> (Hmmm.  Should be both v4 and v5 salts as well as afs3?  Different
> issue.)

Windows does have problems with v4 salted password, I think its fixed, but
not released yet. You really don't need to keep afs3 salted keys around,
klog also tries v4 s2k since about 10 years ago or so.


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