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Re: heimdal on Macintosh OS X.3 ?

"R.Welz" <linuxprodukte@gmx.de> writes:

>> ./configure CPPFLAGS='-DBIND8_COMPAT'
> No luck, same errors. Besides sudo named -v delivers BIND 9.2.2

My fault, it should be (note missing _)

./configure CPPFLAGS='-DBIND_8_COMPAT'

-DBIND_8_COMPAT adding symbols from the bind4/8 that is removed from the
bind9 codebase.

>> or just a current snapshot (heimdal-<date>.tar.gz.
> Ok. I tried heimdal-20050211, heimdal-20050210 and heimdal-20050205
> but with no luck, see below.
> Any suggestions greatly welcome!
> Robert
> ./configure

For currrent heimdal, try running configure like this;

./configure --enable-shared --enable-static


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