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Re: Unable to change expired Kerberos passwords on Windows XP

Dave Love wrote:

>Priit Randla <priit.randla@eyp.ee> writes:
>>Password change for those users works also on Windows, if the password
>>isn't expired.
>What setup are you using to make this work?  Password change from the
>normal Windows panel that you get with ctrl-alt-del doesn't work at
>all for me with pass-through logon to Heimdal 0.6.3, and Love told me
>it needed fixing.
    Well, quite usual cross-realm-with AD setup. Usual SuSe SLES with 
heimdal 0.6.1rc3.
Just tried again and indeed, when user 'Aix' has his password expired, 
he can't change it on login.
When password is expired, username has to be written as user@REALM. If 
the user is already logged in and
simply presses c-a-d -> 'change password', username has to be left as is 
-> simply 'username'
Works for me.