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Re: error npfs on compilation


The arla distro does not contain a stable server. It's called milko
and experimental. Use OpenAFS for server (1.3.79 I think), you can
compile your server without kernel module if you don't need a client
on your server. But in that case you must use -localauth with all vos
and bos commands on the server.


You can use Arla or OpenAFS as a client on x86. I think it works with
most late 2.4. From the 2.6 kernels, 2.6.9 is tested the most. Use the
latest released Arla: 0.38. OpenAFS 1.3.79 should work, too.

When you tell us error messages, please tell us version numbers,
both on the stuff you compiled, your OS and your kernel. There
are a lot of possible combinations, we know ;-)