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Re: OpenLDAP schema for Heimdal

Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:
> Hi Ilia
>>where can I download OpenLDAP schema for Heimdal ?
> In current heimdal its included in `lib/hdb/hdb.schema'. I also thought it
> was included with OpenLDAP.

The schema is still hiding in OpenLDAP's CVS but it was withdrawn from 
the public distribution.

> This should a a correct version: http://www.padl.com/~lukeh/XAD/hdb.schema

The version on that link is defective, you need to add
	EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch
matching rules to the krb5ValidStart, krb5ValidEnd, and krb5PasswordEnd 
definitions. (You cannot use the generalizedTimeOrderingMatch ORDERING 
matching rule without also defining the correct EQUALITY matching rule.)

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