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Re: OpenLDAP schema for Heimdal

Howard Chu wrote:
> Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:
>> Hi Ilia
>>> where can I download OpenLDAP schema for Heimdal ?
>> In current heimdal its included in `lib/hdb/hdb.schema'. I also 
>> thought it
>> was included with OpenLDAP.
> The schema is still hiding in OpenLDAP's CVS but it was withdrawn from 
> the public distribution.
>> This should a a correct version: 
>> http://www.padl.com/~lukeh/XAD/hdb.schema
> The version on that link is defective, you need to add
>     EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch
> matching rules to the krb5ValidStart, krb5ValidEnd, and krb5PasswordEnd 
> definitions. (You cannot use the generalizedTimeOrderingMatch ORDERING 
> matching rule without also defining the correct EQUALITY matching rule.)

I should say, without *first* defining the EQUALITY rule.


attributetype (
         NAME 'krb5ValidStart'
         EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch
         ORDERING generalizedTimeOrderingMatch
         SINGLE-VALUE )

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