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Re: Testing Heimdal

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org> writes:

> As I go on my mad crash and slash though the Heimdal code, trying to see
> what I can do about global variables, I would like to test just how many
> things I have broken.
> Are there any testsuites (particularly standalone) that I can use to see
> how badly I'm busting things?
> I'm interested in tests for the krb5 and GSSAPI layers, at an API level,
> and possibly at the network level. 

First there is the builtin "make check" and that is steadily growing. For
gssapi checking there is Martin Rex's excellent gsstest (its built and ran
as part of heimdals build cluster). Microsoft have written a tool called
gssmaggot, but I've never understod how to use it.

Heimdal needs a runtime checking framework to make sure we stay compatible
with ourself, java gss and microsoft sspi, and its something I eventually
will get around to doing.


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