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heimdal 0.6.4 KDC v4 support broken?

Found in kdc/kerberos4.c near line 390 (and this time it's not a local

	snprintf (client_name, sizeof(client_name),
		  ad.pname, ad.pinst, ad.prealm);
	ret = db_fetch4(ad.pname, ad.pinst, ad.prealm, &client);
	if(ret != HDB_ERR_NOENTRY || 
	   (ret == HDB_ERR_NOENTRY && strcmp(ad.prealm, v4_realm) == 0)) {
	    char *s;
	    s = kdc_log_msg(0, "Client not found in database: (krb4) "
			    "%s.%s@%s: %s",
			    ad.pname, ad.pinst, ad.prealm,
			    krb5_get_err_text(context, ret));
	    make_err_reply(reply, KERB_ERR_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN, s);
	    goto out2;

This seems a bit wrong; it loses with "Client not found in database:
(krb4) ... : Error 0" for valid clients.  (And the second condition
seems even more wrong.)

I note that 0.6.3 had similar code with a simpler condition... wrapped
in "#if 0".

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