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Re: heimdal 0.7rc2

Niklas Edmundsson <nikke@acc.umu.se> writes:

>> configure invocation as per my 0.7rc1 examples.
>> Working on the rest of the machines.
> Is there anyone trying this on AIX-boxen? I have access to AIX 4.3 up
> to AIX 5.3, albeit I would prefer not having to test on all releases ;)
> Any specific testing that should be made, or is it "it compiles thus
> it's perfect" ? ;)

The testing is basiclly:

(./configure && make && make check) > log 2>errors

Checking errors file for bad things. If you don't want to parse the files
to me and I'll deal. and then try kinit and klist.

KCM is new, so that should be good to test if it works on AIX, any of the
credential passing interfaces needs to exists, dunno what/if any AIX have.


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