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Re: Command-line options for kdc

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org> writes:

> In terms of the current code, the command line options table assumes
> static variables, and while I can work around this to then fill in
> variables on my 'config' structure, I want to make sure I have to.

Moving the static state into a structure seems like the way to move.
Like Love said, you probably want a context with global state
(options, the krb5_context, and possibly some more). You then need
state for each call, that probably should contain most of what is now
passed along as parameters, this would include the raw request buffer,
addresses, options for each request (which we don't have now - I would
for instance like to see the possibility to add more logging for
certain principals or hosts). The logging system should probably be
improved also. I suppose you do your own logging as well?