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Re: Incorrect net address with hpropd/kinit on KDC

eric-list-heimdal-discuss@catastrophe.net writes:

> Hello,
> I seem to be having issues with the infamous "incorrect net address" under
> heimdal on OpenBSD 3.7.
> kinit (heimdal-0.6.3/OpenBSD)
> Copyright 1999-2004 Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
> Send bug-reports to bugs@openbsd.org
> On my kdc (aka: bob), which is a multihomed machine with several public and
> private IPv4/IPv6 addresses, I see the following...

Can you see if the KDC log hints why the request failed, if not, we should
add code that explains it.

Can you make sure the request doesn't go to and that is the
cause of the error. This will happen if you have " name.of.kdc
name" in your /etc/hosts.


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