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Re: Locking of principales due to unsuccessfull attempts

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Andreas Haupt wrote:
|> Have I been missing something  or is  it just not there?
|You didn't miss anything. It's really not there ...
|> If it isn't there jet, is it planed to introduce such a function?
|Well, years ago, I asked the same question. That time I was told that the
|current database model does not support account locking (but Love and
|Johan will probably know better...).
|All I can say is that you can live without it.
I know , years ago we run the ka w/o it too.

|People offending against
|the password policy can be trapped by observing log files, too.

Well thats true in terms of password policy violation even it is not a in
time detection.

It is less true in terms of half-spied passwords.
If one tries to guess the rest of the password it would take
(much) more time or it tends to come to victims  attention.

Also I hate to bother my customers habit

On the other hand I know to explore my site to a dos-attack.

Maybe all in all You are right. - I'd wish to have it anyway -

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