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Re: Management of heimdal kerberos with ldap

Howard Chu wrote:
> Alejandro Escanero Blanco wrote:
> Use the smbk5pwd overlay that I wrote and just do normal LDAP 
> passwordModify operations. The smbk5pwd overlay is now part of the 
> OpenLDAP 2.3 release (in the contrib/slapd-modules directory).
Yes, i look in the smbk5pwd from openldap, but i have the same problem that with 
php4-kadm5 (well, i convert it to heimdal cleaning the password policy stuff and compiling 
with the heimdal libraries), they are external to php. I want to do all the work from php, 
no external utilities must be needed because php directly modify the ldap tree.

I'm trying to do it for add heimdal support to GOsa proyect, it has MIT support, and i can 
use the php4-kadm5 modified, but i think that is better modify the ldap tree.

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