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Re: Kerberos support in standard services

On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 10:05:02AM -0400, Ken Hornstein wrote:
> We have patches to make mutt do SASL, but for various reasons, they
> never made it back into the distribution.  It was a few years ago, but
> as I recall there was some flamage about it on the mutt mailing list,
> and the person who did the work just gave up (it wasn't me, so I only
> heard about it second-hand).  We still maintain them locally.

It appears that the mutt 1.5.6 development version does SASL; at
least, the NetBSD pkgsrc mutt-devel package works fine doing
SASL/gssapi with my cyrus imap server, and it doesn't look like
any of the pkgsrc stuff does anything special with respect to
making sasl work other than turning it on.

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