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Re: Newbi needs a hint on asn1-choice::SIZE_T_MAX

Mathias Feiler <feiler@uni-hohenheim.de> writes:

> Hello list member, helo Love!
> I'm not sure about what is wrong, thus I need to get a hint. 
> The issue comes in with asn1-choice-20050710 nad later.

I just removed the SIZE_T_MAX a couple of hours ago, the snapshot in a
couple of hours (5) will contain that fix (I'll send it privately to you).

BTW, the asn1 parser is merged into the head branch, i've update the
description on http://people.su.se/~lha/patches/heimdal/pkinit/

Note that heimdal currently contains pk-init-25 support, and will be
invalid when pk-init-27 comes out, so if anyone deploys the code, keep that
in mind.


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