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Re: Smbk5pwd and Heimdal 0.7 not playing nice?

"Perry Nguyen" <pfnguyen@best.com> writes:
> When did this name change occur, and why hasn't smbk5pwd been updated to
> support this change?  It seems like smbk5pwd has been a recent development
> (perhaps I should ask on the openldap list, since it's "their" module).  The
> name change must have happened a long time ago?

It occured in Heimdal 0.7, so it's about a month or two old.

I guess I should add openldap to the build machine to make sure we don't
break it at some time in the future.

> Breakpoint 1, krb5_clear_error_string (context=0x8a7f0d8) at
> error_string.c:53
> 53          HEIMDAL_MUTEX_lock(context->mutex);
> (gdb) print context->mutex
> $1 = (void *) 0x0

I wonder what makes the context to go away.


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