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Runtime 'make check' for Heimdal?

Unless I'm missing something, we don't currently have a run-time check
in the Heimdal build system.  That is, something that gets a real
ticket, and checks the full codepaths for these common operations.

As part of verifying my changes to Samba4, I'm interested in building
such a test, probably using Samba's socketwrapper (an overloading system
that transforms network activity into unix domain socket calls).  

My questions are these:

Does such a system exist, and I'm missing where it is?

Where does the code for the existing 'make check' live?  I'm having
trouble tracing the automake foo to the original source?

Is there an existing testsuite I should be using (and simply converting
to socketwrapper), or should I just start with a kinit and running the
apps in apps/test?


Andrew Bartlett
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