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Re: Turning off hostname canonicalisation

Take a look at the kafs man page in Heimdal 0.7.

Of course they use the library name as the application name in  
krb5.conf.  I think that makes it pretty clear that a lot of the issues  
have nothing to do with [{app,lib}defaults], but rather with  
identifying varying defaults.

The two variables that may need to change defaults are realm, and  
library version (which includes whether it's MIT or Heimdal).  The  
latter should map to application name, if you have a good way to  
identify the application name.

On Sep 13, 2005, at 8:46 AM, Alexandra Ellwood wrote:

> So I'd like to understand why folks are using [appdefaults].  Sun's  
> need is fairly straightforward: "we had it before and can't de-support  
> it".  But how are sites actually using this feature?
> Specifically:
> * What tags to you use in the [appdefaults] section?  What values are  
> you setting them to?
> * Do you need each application to receive different values for a given  
> tag?  If so, why?
> * Where does your code to read [appdefaults] live?  (In every  
> application?  In the Kerberos libraries?)
> * What APIs do you use to read [appdefaults]?
> --lxs
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> MIT Kerberos Development Team
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