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Re: Turning off hostname canonicalisation

Alexandra Ellwood <lxs@MIT.EDU> writes:

> So I'd like to understand why folks are using [appdefaults].  Sun's
> need is fairly straightforward: "we had it before and can't de- 
> support it".  But how are sites actually using this feature?

I like appdefault because it have the realm/applications matching
funtionallity. "I want to use this option for this realm only", sure
[realms] could be use that way, but there is no convient api to do that


> Specifically:
> * What tags to you use in the [appdefaults] section?  What values are
>   you setting them to?
> * Do you need each application to receive different values for a
>   given tag?  If so, why?
> * Where does your code to read [appdefaults] live?  (In every
>   application?  In the Kerberos libraries?)
> * What APIs do you use to read [appdefaults]?
> --lxs
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