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Re: Enabling arcfour on Heimdal-0.6.3/OpenBSD

Rogier Krieger <rkrieger@gmail.com> writes:

> Dear list,
> After a few days of trying and fiddling with the configuration, it
> seems my KDC (Heimdal-0.6.3/OpenBSD, on OpenBSD 3.7) now generates RC4
> keys (as well als the 3DES and DES keys) for my new principals.
> However, I don't seem to be able to get my krbtgt/* and kadmin/*
> principals to also obtain arcfour keys. This seems to be the case both
> when using kadmin to init the realm and when trying to change the
> principals in question.

Changing the password for the entries should change the enctypes
assositated with the principal. There are no way today to add new enctypes
except editing the dumpfiles. The dumpformat is documented in
kadmin/dump-format.txt in the current snapshot tree, its not every hard to
add new keys.


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