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Re: restarting ipropd-master

Antoine Jacoutot <ajacoutot@lphp.org> writes:

> Hi...
> I was playing a bit with ipropd (master/slave) to see if I could
> replace hprop (which I've been suing for a while). I like the idea of
> incremental propagation, but there's a real stopper for me:
> - each time the ipropd-master process dies, stop, restart... I have to
>   restart _all_ the ipropd-slave once the master is back.
> Is there any workaround to this ? Can't the slaves stay up even when
> the master is not available ?
> I though about adding ipropd to inetd.conf but I'm really _not_ sure
> this is the right way to go.

iprop-slave is somewhat agressiv in calling exit(3) on failure to talk the
master. That should probably change, but as Owen points out, its quite easy
to retry in a shell script.


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