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ASN1_* Errors Returned from GSSAPI Functions

In lib/gssapi/init_sec_context.c:spnego_reply, ASN1_* errors are being
returned as major status codes:

    } else  
        return GSS_S_BAD_MECH;

    ret = der_match_tag_and_length((const char *)indata.data,
                                   ASN1_C_CONTEXT, CONS, 1, &len, &taglen);
    if (ret) { 
        return ret;

Shouldn't this be:

    if (ret)
        return GSS_S_CALL_BAD_STRUCTURE;

Would you accept a patch to change this behavior wherever I think it is
occuring or is knowing enough for you to fix them?

Or if it is OK to populate the minor_status perhaps we should put the
ASN1 error there:

    if (ret) {
        *minor_status = ret;
        return GSS_S_CALL_BAD_STRUCTURE;