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Re: ASN.1 Encoding Technique

Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:
> Howard,
>> You might have a look at LDAP's liblber. I've used it to parse and
>> generate Kerberos structures on many occasions. (Of course, that made
>> sense since I was writing plugins for LDAP servers, and liblber was
>> already present. Saved a ton of memory by not needing to link libasn1
>> etc.)
> Last time I looked at liblber it was just a scanf/printf like
> encoder-decoder functions, and not something that took asn1 structures and
> generated encoder/decoder stubs. Have that changed ?

No, that's exactly right. But you said you wanted to do something less 
redundant, more table driven. You could do that by using tables of 
printf/scanf format strings. Then the encoder/decoder stubs could be 
almost completely generic, just treat the incoming structures as byte 

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