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Re: 2 fqdn

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Did you create both host/server.domain01.com@REALM.COM and
> host/server.domain02.com@REALM.COM SPNs? Google for "multihomed kdc". No
> doubt people have explored this issue before.

Oh, yes of course I did... sorry I haven't been clear on that.
And of course I extrated the 2 keys in the server keytab.

> But I think a bigger problem with multihomed systems ingeneral is
> this will be the services that only accept principals with a hostname
> matching that of the primary name of the local machine. Ideally all
> services would support the concept of virtual hosting but I seriously
> doubt they do consistently. Ssh might though, I don't know.

Allright, so this is where the problem lies I guess. OpenSSH does not 
seem to play well with GSSAPI and virtual hosting.

Thanks for your input.